For Students

How you will make use of your BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard®

Enrolling in university is your first step into adult life. You meet new and interesting people with common interests and wide range of new tasks and responsibilities. You have to learn how to control your time and resources. Among controlling your resources you will meet a new challange which is planning your finances. If you make the most of your time you will be able to raise your incomes with getting scholarships. Also you will be in charge for financing your daily meals, accomodation, clothing and other expenses from month to month. Having an online account with traceable transaction history will help you make your budget more transparent. And having control over your budget will make you more self-confident.

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Planning your budget: See how Kati's got a new tablet for herself

Kati's story

Kati comes from a small town and is now studying economy at a university in an other city where she also resides now. She thrives for good grades to raise her incomes and gets her scholarship to her BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard. Her parents have partner cards5 too so her father can transfer her monthly allowance to her BudaPay account which is also easier for him than sending cash. And Kati's father doesn't have to keep a bank account for that.

Kati wants to be more effective at school and would like to handle all her materials needed for the studies on a tablet on what she can take notes during lectures, photos, read what's required manage her timesheet and also her finances. As she can clearly follow her incomes and expenses with her BudaPay online account she calculated that in 3 months she can buy a tablet that suits her best and she has also found a shop where she can get discount for shopping with a prepaid card.

Kati’s father is a reasonable man. When he realized he can plan his family’s budget better and share money easy between family members, he decided to get partner cards5 for the whole family.

Using your card anywhere: Adam's smart decision for his exchange programme

Adam's story

Adam is in a student exchange programme, he is spending his first semester abroad. Before traveling he realized he doesn't have any good solution to manage his finances comfortably. He decided to get a BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard, because that way if he spends another semester in another country or goes back home he doesn't have to use any other cards or bank accounts. He can receive all his incomes to one account in his chosen currency and also use his card all around the world wherever Mastercard Acceptance Mark is shown3.

Having sticked to only one solution proved to be a good decision for him. He doesn't have to accomodate to a foreign country's bank as he doesn't speak the language. He could receive the scholarhip from both his universities to his BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard. His incomes and expenses are clean now, he can easily plan his monthly budget. Also he doesn't have to carry around several cards and will not lose money on transfers and currency exchanges.

He also convinced his landlord to get a partner card5, so now he can transfer the rent for free.

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BudaPay PrePaid MasterCard

For Parents

We are happy that you are reading this, it means you want to be sure your teens get the best of everything as always. As parents we would like our teens to make responsible but also good choices in their lives. In this period they are at the border of becoming independent persons.

BudaPay offers your teens a solution where they get more control over their finances still being able to stay under your care. With BudaPay's partner card5 possibilities you can get your whole family covered with transparent and easily controlled finances. We would be happy to see you in our family! Please read on to sure yourself BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard is a wise decision to make.

For Employees & Working Abroad

Wherever you work your benefits are:

What you will need:*

* Guaranteed approval, however the cardholder may be turned down if information cannot be verified.

Flexibility with ease and profitability

BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard offers you an independent financial service. You are most likely reading this because you want to escape from the hassle of managing cash or paying for services that will even decrease your flexibility, especially if you are wanting to work abroad for an indefinite period. Or you you may want to simply enjoy having friendly rates travelling throughout different countries worldwide.

BudaPay offers you a flexible yet almost everywhere accepted Prepaid Mastercard solution what will enable you to comfortably manage your finances wherever you go. Get your wages, transfer money6 or get off cash from almost any ATMs around the world4. You can use your BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

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BudaPay PrePaid MasterCard

Start being part of the revolution

John's story

Did you know it costs less to pay your bills online than on cheques?

We live in a technological revolution. The bills you paid on paper yesterday and the money you used for paying are slowly dissolving in the thin air of electronical bits. John only uses a computer at home, his work doesn't demand much computer knowledge from him. He wanted to start paying his bills electronically and also his company started to prefer paying by wire. He decided to search for a solution that's both easy and financially beneficial for him–as paying his balances cost him less if made online.

John is now not just paying bills online, but is able to transfer to money to his wife and teens whenever they are in need. He can order more partner cards5 if he needs, shop online or in any supermarket wherever he sees the Mastercard Acceptance Mark. And in case he would need cash, he can get money from almost any ATM in the world4.

From cash to card abroad

Daniel's story

Did you know you don't have to be tied when chosing your financial services?

Daniel comes from Hungary, he works in London for over a year now. He says: "When I started working here my employer was alright with it to pay my wages in cash. But the company wanted to change to paying by wire. At that time I was relocated to another company office in another town. I wanted to find a solution that was more flexible and less sensitive to my ever current location. BudaPay offered me the perfect solution, getting and activating my card was easy. I also ordered a card for my parents so that I could send them money home for a decent rate. And now I don't have to be worried if I will be relocated again."

Struggling with the same problem as Daniel? We would be happy to hear about You! Order your BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard card today and enjoy the convienience of your new debit MasterCard!

A growing venture needs increased financial awareness

A growing venture needs increased financial awareness

We run a small restaurant. A couple of years ago we started accepting card payments locally, because the demand started to be sensible. From year to year we have more and more customers paying with cards. Also we started out with food delivery just about the same time. When the food was delivered people used to pay with cash. Last year we joined an online portal for ordering food and we could see a huge jump in the increase of online payments per order. Things started to get complex and handling cash quickly became a drag on the administration and accounting. We had to make extra efforts to keep track on our incomes and expenses, that needed to be solved. I started looking for a solution which would exchange our current money handling trade and also get a more transparent administration without creating overhead on our human resource side. That's when we've found BudaPay.

With BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard we can have 3 partner cards5 now to keep different type of expenses on different accounts and also be able to balance them and transfer money to and fro for very decent fee1. We've made paying wages easier by getting a BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard for each of our employees.7 We showed them what benefits they will have and still no need for them to maintain a bank account. I thought it would be harder to convince them using a solution which will benefit for both of us. Wages are now paid by wire, we have a clean, transparent administration, most of the cash and paperwork gone, I can safely say we are most happy with our new BudaPay ecosystem.

Also lately we broadened our portfolio with an own website for food ordering–we used the free time that earlier was taken up by administration to business development–, so we are now not just using the BudaPay system for having cards for different accounts like fuel, wages, etc., but also we started using Buda Accept for accepting payments online.

1 To be able to transfer money to other BudaPay cardholders you will have to upgrade your account first.

2 See our Terms and Conditions before submitting the filled form. Guaranteed approval, however the cardholder may be turned down if information cannot be verified.

3 Prepaid Mastercard cards are accepted at over 35 million locations worldwide displaying the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

4 You can use your prepaid card at more than 2.1 million locations worldwide displaying the Mastercard Acceptance Mark

5 Your Primary Card can have 3 Additional Cards. Additional Cardholders must also be KYC approved. For more information see our Terms & Conditions 5.8.

6 You can only transfer money between BudaPay members. To be able to transfer money first you have to upgrade your account.

7 Businesses must be KYB approved first.

Note: Guaranteed approval, however the cardholder may be turned down if information cannot be verified.

Mastercard and the Mastercard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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