BudaPay Corporate PrePaid Cards

Expense management for companies

Corporate expense cards

Setting up business plans, accounting workflows and expense management are key processes in the companies' life. With BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard® you can pay for your employee travel cost in a very simple way. You load the prepaid cards and your colleagues use them by paying at business dinners or covering other transport cost. The BudaPay card is also a business expense card alternative as it can be used everywhere Mastercard cards are accepted. You can control, monitor or limit the spending of your colleagues. BudaPay card can be utilized also to separate only fuel payouts of the company. Through an online account you can manage company expenses having access to transaction reports of card accounts.

Payroll cards

Paying by cash for your employees or bonuses to your sales partners is unprofitable in the long run as it is now. Running a company means that you are constantly facing the question how to optimize your finances to be able to make a decent profit. We are heading towards a world of online payments. Online payment is competitive and the new viable product. Our friendly fees and the ease and transparency of our services we hope will convince you to join us.

Our products will also help you convince your employees afraid of opening a bank account to choose our alternative, the BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard for getting their wages. Our fees will sure be acceptable for them and they will definitely discover our services that as a personal bank card alternative can open new doors in their lives as of using the internet for shopping for example.

Benefits for employers

Benefits for employees

BudaPay Co-Branded and White Label PrePaid Card Programs

BudaPay offers a professional team and extremely competitive pricing for setting up your Co-Branded or Full White Label PrePaid Card Programs.

Full Program Management with a team of PrePaid Card experts

BudaPay can provide you a team of the very best professionals who have developed the BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard Program in Hungary. As the BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard is the very first bank-independent prepaid card program in Hungary, it was extremely challenging to comply with the local regulations and implement the program, but our team successfully set up the card program with maximum professionalism, and polished it to its perfection.

The BudaPay PrePaid Card Program Management Team can help set up your own Co-Branded or White Label Program with fast and flawless delivery.

We can uniquely tailor the BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard Program to your needs –to ensure it will be the program your business model requires!

BudaPay Program Management Team delivers nothing less, than the very best at all times.

BudaPay Co-Branded Cards

A growing venture needs increased financial awareness

Our Co-Branded Card Programs are developed to strengthen the bond with your existing clientele, or to help attract promising new customers and cement their loyalty towards your brand.

Co-Branded Cards are the perfect tools for promotions, or just to remind your customers of your business on a daily basis, as they can be an every day payment tools in their wallet.

We can design your Co-Branded PrePaid cards with your company logo displayed on the front of BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard.

Co-branding is more than just a logo on the BudaPay cards –it’s a beneficiary partnership and one of the best ways to form a long-lasting and ever growing bond with your customers and establish your name at the top of their mind.

The BudaPay Co-Branded PrePaid Mastercard can be the perfect choice for your promotional campaign, or as a prestige payroll or travel and expense card for your company.

Represent your company with value and style -with a Co-Branded BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard.

Open the door to the endless possibilities with the BudaPay Co-Branded Cards and explore a new exciting side of your business!

BudaPay White Label Cards and White Label Program

A growing venture needs increased financial awareness

Setting up your own PrePaid Mastercard Program is time and money consuming –depending on your local financial regulator- it can take up to years to be ready and go live with your program.

Partnering with BudaPay and by choosing the BudaPay White Label Card Program can significantly reduce your cost and waiting time.

BudaPay White Label Program offers extreme flexibility therefore we are able to deliver exactly what you are looking for – there is almost nothing a BudaPay White Label Program cannot do!

White Label Card Layout Ideas:
card card card

It is impossible to list the endless exciting features the BudaPay White Label Program can offer. If you wish to learn more, please get in touch with us!

Contact us by emailing at corporate@budapay.com and we will be in touch with you shortly, but maximum within 3 working days.

With urgent inquiries please contact our office line at +36 (1) 700-2-700

We look forward to welcoming you as our valued corporate partner and show you a Whole New World BudaPay has to offer!

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1 Guaranteed approval, however the cardholder may be turned down if information cannot be verified.

2 Businesses must be KYB approved first.

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The BudaPay PrePaid Mastercard is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services Limited is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 900036. Registered Office: 36 Carnaby Street London, W1F 7DR.