About BudaPay

BudaPay is a highly experienced prepaid card program manager and distributor, focusing on corporate card program set up and program management since 2013.

BudaPay was the first company in Hungary to successfully implement the HUF currency prepaid card program and to receive the approval from the Hungarian Financial Authority (MNB).

Our aim is to to deliver affordable prepaid card solutions to local and international businesses.
Whether you wish to use the prepaid cards to manage your corporate expenses, or to become a distributor, BudaPay will have the right solution for you, and we will not only deliver the highest level of service, but we will also deliver it at unbeatable costs.

White Label Program set up, Co-Branded cards, and and unique customised card programs are available with fast delivery.

If you are a PSP, operating an online bank, we can set up your own Prepaid Debit Card within 4 month. With internal balance authorisation your prepaid debit cards will act exactly like a bank card. This is just one of the many exciting programs BudaPay can deliver to you.

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2017 - a New Era begins

BudaPay announced the end of the collaboration with their former issuer Prepaid Financial Services in September 2017.

We have made this decision in order to be able to move forward to a new direction, being able to cater to clients outside of SEPA - we no longer need to decline your application if your business is located overseas.
We will be able to find the most suitable prepaid card solution for you anywhere in the world, with bigger flexibility than ever before!
If you are a client looking for international prepaid program set up, please get in touch by filling out our form. We would love to hear from you!

BudaPay Black Card

We are delighted to inform all of our current and future card holders, that BudaPay will introduce a whole new card, the BudaPay Black Card.
Smarter card holder portal, higher card balance and loading features - just to name a few features that will make the new BudaPay card better than ever.
Our new website dedicated to the new BudaPay Black Card is coming soon - we kindly ask your patience until we finish the new portal.

What happens to the Classic Blue BudaPay Card?

The Classic BudaPay Card, issued by Prepaid Financial Services were closed on the 25th of October 2017. We have informed all of our active card holder about this change in advance.
If you are currently using a Classic BudaPay card and you have not heard about this change, please contact us using the form below, or clicking here.

We will be glad to speak with you and guide you through the options we have for you.

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